Abuja – The National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Mr Olisa Metuh, on Wednesday denied allegation that the party induced legislators with money to defect to it.

Metuh, in a statement issued in Abuja, described the allegation by the APC as a direct attack on the basic fabric of the nation`s democracy.

“Whilst we ordinarily should not dignify the APC with a reply, we are compelled to do so because their action is a direct attack on the basic fabric of our democracy.

“Their allegation that we clearly aim at destroying the nation`s democracy and plunging the country into chaos is laughable”, Metuh said in the statement.

The statement said the allegation was to cast doubt in the minds of Nigerians and on the integrity of duly elected officers and the entire democratic institution.

It called on the leadership and members of the National Assembly not to view the APC allegation as mere political statement.

It urged the legislators to insist that the APC withdraws the allegation and apologise to them and the entire nation.

It stressed that the allegation was preposterous and a cheap thesis by the APC to excuse and explain away the collapsing fickle fraud upon which its membership was built.

It held that PDP got to its lowest level at a point in the minds of some sections of the public; yet, it never assaulted the integrity of the opposition.

“The PDP remained focused in spite of the defection by some of its lawmakers to the opposition party.’’

It stated that the APC had reached its peak and was battling with the effect of diminishing returns, adding that the party could only go down further.

It contended that the APC had exhausted its strategies and now seeks to cover its premature boast of majority in the National Assembly with the allegation.

“The APC celebrated too early. They have played all their cards and displayed all their tactics well ahead of the contest.

“ Now, they are weary while the contest is yet to begin.’’ (NAN)


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