Inspiring write-up

Thy Glory O' Nigeria..!

By Adeola Aderounmu

This topic relating to criminality in the Nigerian government continues to be of interest to me with each passing day since I wrote that article in the Nigerian Guardian in 2002 titled “Why Politicians Steal”. I think Nigerians continue to chase shadows and ignore real issues.

For many years we know that people in government like presidents, head of states, governors and other types of political office holders in Nigeria are stealing the wealth of Nigeria. Of course there are other places around the world where the governments are corrupt but Nigeria remains a priority to us. We are from Nigeria.

We know that for some reasons there are selective persecutions and prosecutions in some of the cases/ reports of looting. In Nigeria it is a common and general knowledge that those in power and those in government steal every day. No one can deny for example…

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