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Dying In Nigeria’s Parasitic Economy http://www.facebook.com/Poetivists [Dying In Nigeria’s Parasitic Economy]
there’s poison in Nigeria’s air
because of that I live in fear

My name is Kukogho Iruesiri Samson. I have lived in every region of my country. I am a Nigerian. I am dying and I am afraid.

Yes, I am afraid, not because I don’t want to die, but because I am just 1 amongst the millions dying, slowly, beyond redemption… or so it seems.

Don’t laugh; just be afraid too, like me, because you are dying too. Yes you are!

Well, I have a confession – let’s forget about dying for now – I also have a phobia; I am dead scared of walking the streets of my country unless in company of other persons.

Because of this phobia I am fond of taking motorcycles rides or boarding vehicles for the shortest distances, which is if I have to leave my house…

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