Why are the streets normal? Why are we going about our business as usual? Why has nothing changed? Why is life moving on like it always does? I had thought I would wake up to see red skies like eyes, shedding blood red tears and weeping over Nigeria, mourning the lives of the 29 innocents killed in Yobe State. I had thought I would wake up to see groups of people standing in corners, discussing in hushed tones the pure wickedness, heartlessness, callousness and inhumanity that would make human beings roast young children alive. I thought there would be an uproar, I thought fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, human beings with any sense of humanity would rise to condemn this wicked act, but alas, I saw nothing!

The newspapers reported it as statistics, “29 children killed in Yobe State”. A bystander looks and says “29? Thank God, it wasn’t more!” We…

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