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ImageChaos on the streets did I notice on a beautiful monday morning. A semi-nude wife running on the street shouting and cursing while at it. A gathering of strangers right in front of my gate and the barks of my restless dogs bursting my brain with this new found headache. 

QUIET!!!! I screamed and my dogs were all at peace ….

From the cursing, I could tell my neighbour had just dealt with his wife. Why beat up a woman? Some stranger said. Only a cursed man will do that, another answered. 

Am sure y’all would say WTF was I doing at home early monday morning? Well am an Architect that works for myself at the same time, a writer/poet/wannabe musician and a host more. Am sure that’s all you need to know, the rest is TMI. 

In no time, our beautiful money loving Men In Black/Blue (MIB) strolled in…

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