As an alumna of a prounitate secondary school, I was completely heartbroken at the headline I saw on newspapers in traffic on my way home from work. One of the headlines read “ 29 DIE IN SCHOOL DORMITORY SHOOTING BY BOKO HARAM”
Source: informationng.com Source: informationng.com
Innocent lives had been taken yet again in the most unjust way yet by the Islamic and Anti-Western Education Islamic sect.
As the day went by, the death toll kept increasing and is currently at about 50 lives lost. Reading about the incident in newspapers, I can’t help but think “I could have been a victim” and what would have been my crime?… Pursuing an Education. I could only imagine how the affected students of Federal Government College Yobe must have lived the last day of their lives on earth.
The Morning…
They would have been woken up by an early morning siren or alarm, laid…

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