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Now some weeks ago, a friend pointed out a church to me. That church is owned by Brother Titus (not real name).

Which Brother Titus?

The Brother Titus that was the former deliverance minister of Fire Mountain Gospel Church.

I’m sorry I don’t know the Fire Mountain Gospel Church personally but I’ve heard of it and the great miracles that happen there. I’ve also heard about its founder and how he started the church.

Now, here’s what I heard about the founder and presiding Pastor of Fire Mountain Gospel Church. I heard he was a young graduate of Lagos State Polytechnic and he fellowshipped with Mountain of Prayer and Deliverance Ministries as a student. His spiritual gifts were legendary as a vibrant young man and so the General Superintendent of MPDM took him under his wings for mentorship and tutelage. After 5 years of Pastoral tutelage, he gathered…

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