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Nigeria has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world at above 40%. This is due to no other reasons other than the facts that:

°Ordinary citizens became ultra-elitist and abandoned certain endeavors under the guise that they are ‘local’ and simply unfit for the ‘educated’.

°The academic curricular and infrastructure do not aid wild creativity.
°The economic atmosphere is not favorable for business enterprise.

°The government has been simply irresponsible.

It is no news and it is indeed sad that a lot of companies that employ Nigerian youths still take them through another set of rigorous training for the obvious reason that they have not been adequately trained in areas of global relevance. Then one would like to ask that “what then are been thought in Nigerian universities”? Another factor militating against the Nigerian youth is the unnecessarily long period spent (or wasted) in the course of study…

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